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Table 1 Markers employed to characterize primary BAEC and bovine fibroblasts by flow cytometry

From: Lytic cycle of Besnoitia besnoiti tachyzoites displays similar features in primary bovine endothelial cells and fibroblasts

Marker Location Primary antibody Secondary antibody Labelled cella References
Clone Isotype Dilution Isotype (Alexa fluor 488) Dilution  
Vimentin Intracellular LN-6d Mouse monoclonal IgM 1:100 Anti Mouse IgG 1:500 ECs/Fb [39, 42]
Cytokeratin Intracellular C-11d Mouse monoclonal IgG1 1:100 Anti Mouse IgG 1:500 ECs/Fb [43,44,45]
CD34b** Surface NAe Rabbit polyclonal IgG 1:100 Anti Rabbit IgG 1:500 ECs [35]
CD44 Surface IM7f Rat monoclonal IgG2b 1:50 Anti Rat IgG 1:500 ECs/Fb [36, 38]
CD31 Surface CO.3E-1D4g Mouse monoclonal IgG2a-APCc 1:50 ECs [23, 35]
  1. aECs: Endothelial cells / Fb: Fibroblasts
  2. bCD34: marker for hematopoietic stem cells [35]
  3. cCD31 conjugated to Allophycocyanin (APC) (direct staining)
  4. dSupplied by Sigma-Aldrich
  5. eSupplied by Biorbyt
  6. fSupplied by Bio-Rad
  7. gSupplied by NovusBio