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Table 6 Multivariable logistic regression of liver fluke and rumen fluke co-infection (dependent variable) across flukicides most commonly used, summer grazing soil scale other livestock present in farm and illness or death due to F. hepatica (independent variables)

From: Liver fluke in Irish sheep: prevalence and associations with management practices and co-infection with rumen fluke

Independent variable Odds ratio 95% CI P-value Model
Flukicides most commonly used     Flukicides most commonly used vs summer soil type vs other livestock present in farm vs illness or death due to liver fluke (P = 0.0458)
More than one active against more than one stage vs no treatment 6.74 0.75–60.30 0.088*
Other livestock present in farm    
Horses vs none 4.95 0.99–24.62 0.051*
Illness or death due to liver fluke in last 5 years    
Multiple occasions vs rarely 5.49 1.09–27.53 0.039
Multiple occasions vs no 8.54 1.75–41.70 0.008
Multiple occasion vs not known 9.85 1.64–59.22 0.012
  1. Abbreviation: CI, confidence interval
  2. *Tendency