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Fig. 2

From: First molecular description, phylogeny and genetic variation of Taenia hydatigena from Nigerian sheep and goats based on three mitochondrial genes

Fig. 2

Bayesian phylogenetic relationships of the Nigerian Taenia hydatigena isolates based on cox1-nad1-nad5 (4083 bp) concatenated gene sequences. Posterior probability (pp) values are depicted at the nodes. Echinococcus granulosus was used as an outgroup. Asterisks (*) indicate haplotypes representing isolates from this study, GenBank: MN175594, MN175582, MN175571 (NIG1) MN175595, MN175580, MN175572 (NIG2) MN175596, MN175584, MN175573 (NIG3) MN175592, MN175585, MN175575 (NIG4) MN175599, MN175587, MN175577 (NIG5) MN175598, MN175588, MN175576 (NIG6) MN175597, MN175589, MN175571 (NIG7) MN175590, MN175581, MN175578 (NIG8) MN175591, MN175580, MN175579 (NIG9)

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