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Table 2 Summary of host and habitat characteristics for wild red deer (Cervus elaphus) from estimated 2 km radius home ranges in the Scottish Highlands. Units in which ranges are expressed are indicated in parentheses in the explanatory variables column

From: Habitat and host factors associated with liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) diagnoses in wild red deer (Cervus elaphus) in the Scottish Highlands

Explanatory variable2012–20132013–2014
M (n = 173)F (n = 116)M (n = 211)F (n = 179)
Days into season (days)33–112114–23039–112113–228
Stream length (km)24.7–62.622.2–64.924.1–64.520.8–65.2
Blanket bog (%)0–86.80–72.40–90.50–81.4
Heather moor (%)13.2–99.918.6–94.58.2–97.610–99.7
Smooth grassland (%)0–42.50–40.20–39.30–50.6
Mean annual rainfall total (mm)1053–33631005–37151002–35641013–3658
Mean annual development days (days)35.5–163.935.5–157.340–157.737–156.9
  1. Abbreviations: F, female deer; M, male deer
  2. Notes: Annual development days were defined as the total number of days per year with mean air temperature exceeding 10°C. Mean annual rainfall total and mean annual development days were calculated using data from the 5 years immediately preceding each sampling season