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Fig. 5

From: Effects of ghrelin supplementation on the acute phase of Chagas disease in rats

Fig. 5

CD4+ and CD8+ populations. Male Wistar rats were infected with T. cruzi and treated for 14 days with ghrelin. On day 15 post-infection, the animals were euthanized and the spleens collected. The splenic cells were harvested and processed for CD4+ (CD3+CD4+) and CD8+ (CD3+CD8+) evaluation. For the T cell subset detection, the suspensions were labelled first with anti-rat CD3+/APC, followed by a specific separation using anti-rat CD4+/PECy-7 (TCD4+) or anti-rat CD8+/PercP (TCD8+). a CD4+ (CD3+CD4+) populations. b CD8+ (CD3+CD8+) populations. Abbreviations: C, non-infected and non-treated control; CG, non-infected and treated control; I, infected and non-treated animals; IG, Infected and treated animals. *P < 0.05

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