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Table 3 Multivariate model testing for explanatory factors and the effects on model fit characteristics associated with the residence in a cluster of high TF prevalence villages of Amhara, Ethiopia

From: Associations between Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and trachoma clustering at aggregate spatial scales, Amhara, Ethiopia

ModelVariables analyzedModel fit
CleanLatrineH2O < 30iH2OCrowdWealthEducationHC FacilityPaved RoadPrev MDAPrecipTempAltitudeAICLRT
1−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**−X ns−X ns+X ns+X*−X**+X ns+X ns1339.76283.93
2−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**−X ns−X ns+X ns+X*−X**−X**1338.37283.33
3−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X**−X ns−X ns+X ns+X*−X**+X ns+X ns1339.62282.07
4−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X **−X ns+X ns+X*X**+X ns+X ns1338.70282.99
5−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**−X ns−X ns+X *−X**+X ns+X ns1340.00281.69
6−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X*−X**+X ns+X ns1340.62281.07
7−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X**−X ns−X ns+X ns+X**−X**−X **1338.17281.53
8−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X *−X**−X**1337.37282.32
9−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**−X ns−X ns+X*−X**−X**1338.72280.98
10−X**−X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X**−X**−X**1339.27280.42
11−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X**−X**−X**1337.24280.46
12−X**−X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**+X ns+X**−X**−X**1338.07279.62
13−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X ns−X**−X ns+X*−X**−X**1337.57280.13
14−X**−X ns+X ns+X ns−X**+X ns+X**−X**−X**1337.77277.92
15−X**+X ns+X ns+X ns−X**−X ns+X**−X **−X **1337.25278.45
16−X**+X ns+X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X**−X**−X**1336.60279.10
17−X**+X NS+X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X**−X**−X**1338.08277.61
18−X**+X ns+X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X **−X **−X **1335.24280.46
19−X**+X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X**−X**−X**1336.11277.59
20−X**+X ns−X**−X ns+X ns+X**−X**−X**1334.61279.08
21−X**−X**−X ns+X ns+X**−X**−X**1336.00275.69
  1. Symbols: X, variable tested in model; –, variable not included in model; −, negative association; +, positive association; ns, not significant
  2. Notes: Variables: Clean (children who presented to examiners without nasal and ocular discharge); Latrine (household has a latrine of any type); H2O < 30 (the household has access to a water source within 30 minutes of the home); iH2O (the household has access to an improved water source where improved is defined using the sustainable development goals criteria for an improved source); Crowd (the household has more than 6 residents); Wealth (the mean number of household wealth indicators); Education (the percentage of households that reported having attended any type of formal education); HC Facility (the presence of any type of health facility within the surveyed village); Paved Road (the presence of a paved road within the village); Prev MDA (the number of previous rounds of antibiotic distributed to the district during MDA campaigns); Precip (the average annual precipitation in millimeters for the village); Temp (the average annual temperature in degrees Celsius for the village); altitude (the altitude for the village center). Model fit: AIC (Akaike information criterion), LRT (Likelihood ratio test)
  3. *P ≤ 0.05, **P ≤ 0.01