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Table 1 Nucleotide diversity of pvdbp-II in Myanmar P. vivax isolates

From: Genetic diversity, natural selection and haplotype grouping of Plasmodium vivax Duffy-binding protein genes from eastern and western Myanmar borders

RegionnSηNSSPkπ ± SDHHd ± SD
Eastern Myanmar8520211745.7840.006 ± 0.000160.850 ± 0.021
Western Myanmar8216161513.6940.004 ± 0.000250.930 ± 0.013
  1. Note: The total sequenced region includes codons 239 to 568
  2. Abbreviations: S, number of polymorphic (segregating) sites; η, the total number of mutations; NS, number of non-synonymous polymorphisms, SP, number of synonymous polymorphisms; k, the average number of nucleotide differences, π, pairwise nucleotide diversity; H, number of haplotypes; Hd, haplotype diversity