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Table 3 Neutrality tests of pvdbp-II among Myanmar P. vivax isolates

From: Genetic diversity, natural selection and haplotype grouping of Plasmodium vivax Duffy-binding protein genes from eastern and western Myanmar borders

RegionndN ± SEdS ± SEdN/dSDD*F*
Eastern Myanmar850.006 ± 0.0020.004 ± 0.0031.7081.330− 0.841− 0.045
Western Myanmar820.005 ± 0.0010.001 ± 0.001)2.712*0.4290.6230.659
  1. Abbreviations: dN/dS, the ratio of non-synonymous to synonymous mutations; D, Tajima’s D test; D*, Fu and Li’s D* value; F*, Fu and Li’s F* value; SE, standard error
  2. *P < 0.05