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Table 2 Unique operational taxonomic units (OTUs) obtained for Blastocystis subtypes by next generation amplicon sequencing

From: Use of next-generation amplicon sequencing to study Blastocystis genetic diversity in a rural human population from Mexico

STNo. of unique OTUs per subtypeUnique OTU ID# (GenBank ID)No. of samples containing OTU
ST1151a (MK874787)5
1b (MK874795)4
1c (MK874813)4
1d (MK874786)3
1e (MK874810)3
1f (MK874789)2
1g (MK874797)2
1h (MK874807)2
1i (MK874796)1
1j (MK874798)1
1k (MK874802)1
1l (MK874816)1
1m (MK874817)1
1n (MK874819)1
1o (MK874822)1
ST2162a (MK874794)7
2b (MK874785)6
2c (MK874792)5
2d (MK874793)4
2e (MK874806)4
2f (MK874790)3
2g (MK874803)3
2h (MK874814)2
2i (MK874815)2
2j (MK874804)1
2k (MK874805)1
2l (MK874808)1
2m (MK874809)1
2n (MK874811)1
2o (MK874818)1
2p (MK874821)1
ST3123a (MK874780)60
3b (MK874781)21
3c (MK874782)4
3d (MK874783)4
3e (MK874784)4
3f (MK874801)2
3g (MK874788)1
3h (MK874791)1
3i (MK874799)1
3j (MK874800)1
3k (MK874812)1
3l (MK874820)1