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Table 3 Comparison of T. cruzi DNA detection by means of T. cruzi satDNA/IRBP qPCR assay (index test) and standardized qPCR (comparator test)

From: Development and evaluation of a duplex TaqMan qPCR assay for detection and quantification of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in domestic and sylvatic reservoir hosts

Panel of well-characterized samplesnIndex test
Comparator qPCR test-positive
 Canis familiaris220
 Felis catus550
 Ovis aries330
 Didelphis sp.660
Comparator qPCR test-negative
 Canis familiaris909
 Felis catus101
 Ovis aries312
 Capra hircus909
 Promops nasutus606
 Conepatus chinga101
 Lagostomus maximus101
  1. Note: Comparator qPCR test was reported in Ramirez et al. [13]