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Table 1 Summary of qualitative interviews

From: Implementation of test-and-treat with doxycycline and temephos ground larviciding as alternative strategies for accelerating onchocerciasis elimination in an area of loiasis co-endemicity: the COUNTDOWN consortium multi-disciplinary study protocol

Group interviewedStudy Arm 2Study Arm 3Total
Refusers at screening phase2–42–42–42–48–16
Onchocerciasis negative and refuse ivermectin2–42–42–42–48–16
Refusers of doxycycline2–42–42–42–48–16
Acceptors of doxycycline6–126–126–126–1224–48
Post-training interviews with CDDs2–42–42–42–48–16
Post-intervention interviews with CDDs2–42–42–42–48–16
Post-training interviews with chief of centre2–32–34–6
Post-intervention interviews with chief of centre2–32–34–6
Key Informant interviews with influential community members4–84–88–16
Ground larviciding implementersna4–84–8
  1. Abbreviations: CDD, community drug distributor; na, not applicable