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Table 1 List of collected Lernaea specimens with collection details

From: Morphology is not a reliable taxonomic tool for the genus Lernaea: molecular data and experimental infection reveal that L. cyprinacea and L. cruciata are conspecific

Morphological identificationnHost fishLocationProvinceCollection date
Specimens in wild-caught fishes
 L. cyprinacea6Carassius auratus (n = 60)Tangxun Lake (30°24′N, 114°23′E)Hubei15 May 2016
13Carassius. auratus (n = 58)Taibai Lake (29°58′N, 115°50′E)Hubei15 Dec 2016
3Squaliobarbus curriculus (n = 20)Taibai Lake (29°58′N, 115°50′E)Hubei15 Dec 2016
1Erythroculter ilishaeformis (n = 7)Yangluo Farm (30°48′N, 114°36′E)Hubei3 Mar 2017
2Cyprinus carpio (n = 4)Donghu Lake (30°33′N, 114°21′E)Hubei20 Mar 2016
 L. cruciata13Gambusia holbrooki (n = 210)Shaoguan (24°47′N, 113°35′E)Guangdong6 Oct 2016
3Gambusia holbrooki (n = 158)Hengyang (26°54′N, 112°36′E)Hunan11 Jun 2017
Species from laboratory infections
 L. cyprinacea15Carassius auratus (n = 15) Hubei1 May 2017
 L. cruciata5Gambusia holbrooki (n = 15) Hubei1 May 2017
  1. Abbreviation: n, number of collected Lernaea specimens