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Table 1 Study population baseline socio-demographic characteristics and distribution of schistosomiasis cases. The proportion of schistosomiasis cases is distributed at the end of phase 1 and at the end of phase 2

From: Schistosoma haematobium infection morbidity, praziquantel effectiveness and reinfection rate among children and young adults in Gabon

 Study population characteristics at baselineSchistosomiasis casesP-valuea
End of phase 1End of phase 2
N%95% CI (%)n/N%n/N%
Overall328103/25839.933/18817.5< 0.0001
 Zilé-PK25979.074.1–83.297/20647.132/14921.5< 0.0001
  1. aChi-square test to compare proportion of schistosomiasis cases between end of phase 1 and end of phase 2
  2. Abbreviations: n, number of schistosomiasis cases; N, number of participants; CI, confidence interval