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Table 3 Suggestions for recommendation of praziquantel treatment according to the potential exposure level of the population to Schistosoma spp.

From: Schistosoma haematobium infection morbidity, praziquantel effectiveness and reinfection rate among children and young adults in Gabon

Population groupPotential level of exposure to Schistosoma spp.Suggestion of the application of praziquantel treatmentControl strategy objective
(i)No contact with freshwater bodiesNo intervention required
(ii)Accidental or occasional contact with freshwater bodiesProvide praziquantel in case of haematuria and one last dose when leaving the areaTo cure and prevent morbidity
(iii)Daily or frequent contact with freshwater bodiesEducate people to seek treatment once a year during their stay in the endemic area and one last dose when leaving the areaTo prevent morbidity. Only the last dose will intend to cure