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Table 1 Triatomines (Panstrongylus spp., Psammolestes spp. and Triatoma spp.) collected in different environments in Bahia State, Brazil, between 2013–2014

From: Wide distribution of Trypanosoma cruzi-infected triatomines in the State of Bahia, Brazil

SpeciesIntradomesticPeridomesticWild environmentNot determinedTotalDistribution
P. geniculatus3803000000001497.3210
P. lutzi24044000011016 (3)43.2510
P. megistus03067200032023 (6)54.077
Ps. tertius00068000000014 (8)11.631
T. brasiliensis23160192444101427100178 (57)2016.2641
T. juazeirensis32208912171312081320227 (96)75.694
T. melanica000431200000019 (7)10.811
T. infestans00045102294000000441 (80)10.811
T. lenti0000011050007 (2)10.8112
T. melanocephala66012000011017 (1)129.7612
T. petrocchiae0100000000001 (1)10.811
T. pseudomaculata2316251171662500003340244914 (81)4536.5989
T. sordida89103122712773137000051602963576 (293)7056.91267
T. sherlocki00000070199154000423 (58)10.70a
T. tibiamaculata910036000026036 (3)75.6926
Total18718723693211121986822151861001235605906 (696)127100482
  1. aFrom sylvatic environment
  2. Abbreviations: n, number of municipalities with triatomine occurrence; AM, adult male; AF, adult female; N, Nymph; (), selected samples for molecular biology experiments; H, number of houses with triatomine occurrence