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Table 2 Trypanosoma cruzi-infected triatomines collected in Bahia State, Brazil, between 2013 and 2014 broken down by species

From: Wide distribution of Trypanosoma cruzi-infected triatomines in the State of Bahia, Brazil

Speciesn+%χ2/Fisherʼs exact testaP-value
P. lutzi300
P. megistus600
P. tertius8225.0a0.17
T. brasiliensis57915.82.10.14
T. infestans8000
T. juazeirensis9666.21.240.26
T. lenti200
T. melanica7228.62.00.15
T. melanocephala100
T. pseudomaculata811012.30.770.38
T. sherlocki582543.142.9< 0.001
T. sordida293113.7520.0< 0.001
T. tibiamaculata3266.7a0.26
  1. aFisher’s exact test
  2. Note: P-values < 0.05 are indicated in bold
  3. Abbreviations: n, number of triatomines; +, number of T. cruzi-infected triatomines; %, percent of positive samples; –, data not suitable for statistical analysis