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Table 3 Diversity and neutrality indices for Echinococcus granulosus (s.s.) populations from Tibet Autonomous Region of China (TAR)

From: Genetic variation of Echinococcus spp. in yaks and sheep in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China based on mitochondrial DNA

Indexnad1 (894 bp)nad5 (683 bp)
No. of isolates305383305383
No. of mutations71316161417
Parsimony informative site6499514
No. of haplotypes6121511914
Haplotype diversity (Hd)0.6180.6630.6500.8180.7550.782
Nucleotide diversity (π)0.001540.001070.001270.004110.002300.00306
Tajima’s D− 0.660− 1.973*− 1.851*− 1.03778− 1.475− 1.119
Fu’s Fs− 0.715− 8.472*− 10.098*− 2.589− 2.013− 3.922
  1. * Significant P-value