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Table 3 Echinococcus multilocularis and E. granulosus haplotypes from North-Khorasan Province, northeastern Iran, and origins of sequences used for concatenation (cox1 + nad1) in phylogenetic analyses (Fig. 2)

From: Echinococcus multilocularis and Echinococcus granulosus in canines in North-Khorasan Province, northeastern Iran, identified using morphology and genetic characterization of mitochondrial DNA

Representative haplotypes, genotypes and species Host cox1 (GenBank ID) nad1 (GenBank ID) Reference
E.gKh63 Jackal scox1-1 (KT697626) snad1-1 (KT697629) This study
E.gKh75 Dog scox1-2 (KT033487) snad1-1 (KT033488) This study
E.gKh77 Dog scox1-1 (KX186686) snad1-1 KX186689) This study
E.gKh86 Wolf scox1-1 (KT697627) snad1-1 (KT697630) This study
E.gKh87 Dog scox1-1 (KT697628) snad1-1 (KT697631) This study
E.gKh90 Jackal scox1-1 (KX186687) snad1-1 KX186690) This study
E.gKh96 Dog scox1-1 (KX186688) snad1-1(KX186691) This study
E.mKh2 Fox scox1-3 (KT318127) snad1-2(KT318129) This study
E.mKh4 Jackal scox1-3 (KT033486) snad1-3 KT033489) This study
E.mKh11 Fox scox1-3 (KT318128) snad1-2 (KT318130) This study
E.mKh20 Jackal scox1-3 (KX186692) snad1-2(KX186699) This study
E.mKh22 Jackal scox1-3 (KX186693) snad1-2 KX186700) This study
E.mKh30 Jackal scox1-3 (KX186694) snad1-2 KX186701) This study
E.mKh41 Jackal scox1-3 (KX186695) snad1-2 KX186702) This study
E.mKh47 Jackal scox1-3 (KX186696) snad1-2(KX186703) This study
E.mKh55 Jackal scox1-3 (KX186697) snad1-2(KX186704) This study
E.mKh81 Jackal scox1-3 (KX186698) snad1-2(KX186705) This study
Echinococcus genotypes/species
 G1a Sheep na AJ237632 [12, 13]
 G1b Sheep AF297617 AF297617 [69]
 G2 Sheep M84662 AJ237633 [12, 13]
 G3a Buffalo M84663 AJ237634 [12, 13]
 G3b Sheep DQ856466 DQ856469 [70]
 G4 Horse M84664 AJ237635 [12, 13]
 G5 Cattle M84665 AJ237636 [12, 13]
 G6a Camel M84666 AJ237637 [12, 13]
 G6b Camel NC-011121 NC-011121 [67]
 G7a Pig M84667 AJ237638 [12, 13]
 G7b Goat DQ856468 DQ856471 [70]
 G8 Moose AB235848 AB235848 [67]
 G10 Reindeer AF525457 AF525297 [71]
 E. felidis Lion EF558356 EF558357 [66]
 E. multilocularisa Human M84668 AJ237639 [12, 13]
 E. multilocularisb Rodent M84669 AJ237640 [12, 13]
 E. shiquiqus Pika AB208064 AB208064 [67]
 E. vogeli Rodent M84670 AJ237641 [12, 13]
 E. oligarthrus Rodent M84671 AJ237642 [12, 13]
 T. saginata Cattle na AJ239106 [72, 73]
  1. a, bRelated to Fig. 7
  2. Note: Representative haplotypes used in the phylogenetic analysis are indicated in bold
  3. Abbreviation: na, not available