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Table 2 Diversity of microorganisms in various tick species collected from cattle and buffaloes from the six districts of Pakistan

From: Bovine ticks harbour a diverse array of microorganisms in Pakistan

Tick species Study district Bovine host No. of ticks tested No. of ticks infected Detected microorganisms
Hy. anatolicum All six districtsa Buffalo 92 88 Borrelia spp., A. marginale, A. phagocytophilum, A. ovis, A. centrale, Ehrlichia spp., R. massiliae, Rickettsia spp., Francisella-like, Coxiella-like, piroplasms
Cattle 120 116 Borrelia spp., A. marginale, A. ovis, A. centrale, Ehrlichia spp., Bartonella spp., Francisella-like, Coxiella-like, B. ovis, piroplasms, Hepatozoon spp.
Hy. hussaini Thatta Buffalo 2 1 Francisella-like
Cattle 1 1 Francisella-like, R. massiliae, Rickettsia spp.
Hy. scupense Jhelum Buffalo 1 0
Rh. microplus Okara and Jhelum Buffalo 8 6 Borrelia spp., Francisella-like, piroplasms
Cattle 9 8 A. marginale, Francisella-like, piroplasms
Rh. annulatus Jhelum Cattle 1 1 A. marginale, piroplasms
Total 234 221
  1. aOkara, Jhelum, Bahawalpur, Layyah, Thatta, Sukkur