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Fig. 2

From: Anopheles gambiae populations from Burkina Faso show minimal delayed mortality after exposure to insecticide-treated nets

Fig. 2

The longevity of laboratory and field populations after single WHO cone bioassay exposures. a Kaplan Meier survival curves show the proportion alive each day post-exposure. The dashed grey line indicates the day mosquitoes were exposed. Crosses represent censored data at the point of censoring. b Box and whisker plots of median survival (days) dead post-exposure. Mosquitoes were 4 (VK7 and Banfora), 3–5 (Yendere), or 5–8 (Tengrela) days-old on exposure. Coloured dots show outliers in the data. In both a and b immediate (within 24 h) mortality is excluded. Banfora: 2 replicates (PN2, n = 139 mosquitoes; UN, n = 133 mosquitoes); VK7: 2 replicates (PN2, n = 167 mosquitoes; UN, n = 156 mosquitoes); Tengrela: 2 replicates (PN2, n = 89 mosquitoes; UN, n = 95 mosquitoes); Yendere: 2 replicates (PN2, n = 101 mosquitoes; UN, n = 100 mosquitoes)

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