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Fig. 3

From: Mosquito diversity and dog heartworm prevalence in suburban areas

Fig. 3

Comparison of within-mosquito heartworm prevalence by land-use type. Within-mosquito Dirofilaria immitis prevalence varied by land-use type (Kruskal–Wallis χ2= 8.555, df = 2, P = 0.014). Suburban sites had significantly lower D. immitis prevalence than did undeveloped field sites (Z = 2.925, P = 0.010). The prevalence in undeveloped wooded sites did not significantly differ from that in either suburban (Z = − 0.630, P = 1.0) or field sites (Z = 1.884, P = 0.179). Mean prevalence and standard error of the mean are presented for each land-use type. Letters above the bars denote significant differences

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