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Fig. 4

From: Mosquito diversity and dog heartworm prevalence in suburban areas

Fig. 4

Visualization of heartworm prevalence by zip code in Wake County, North Carolina. a Heartworm prevalence within dogs ranged from 3.77% to 15.64% within zip codes where mosquitoes were sampled. All zip codes in Wake County had some level of heartworm infection, but zip codes where mosquitoes were not sampled were omitted from visualization (denoted NA) for clarity. b Heartworm prevalence within mosquitoes ranged from 0% to 3.09% by zip code. Due to low overall numbers of Dirofilaria immitis-positive mosquito pools across all trapping sites, many zip codes had no detected within-mosquito heartworm infection. Zip codes where mosquitoes were not sampled are denoted NA

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