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Table 2 Summary of the BLASTn results for the sequenced amplicons of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene (cytb) used to differentiate three marsupial and three deer species by testing faecal samples using two separate multiplex PCRs

From: Multiplex PCRs for the specific identification of marsupial and deer species from faecal samples as a basis for non-invasive epidemiological studies of parasites

PCRSpeciesProduct size (bp)Match to sequence with GenBank IDSequence identity (%)
Mmars-PCREastern grey kangaroo250EF368023100
Swamp wallaby425KJ868164100
Common wombat289MK360903100
Mdeer-PCRFallow deer197MK575605100
Red deer482MF872247100
Sambar deer161MF177028100