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Table 1 Detection rates for presence of DNA of hookworms, A. lumbricoides and T. trichiura in dust samples from living room floors and mattresses in households of children receiving (Rx) and not receiving (No Rx) periodic anthelmintic treatments. Proportions of children with positive fecal samples for the same parasites are shown also at the time of dust sampling (i.e. at 12 months)

From: Detection of enteric parasite DNA in household and bed dust samples: potential for infection transmission

ParasiteMattress (%)Floor (%)All dust (%)All dustPositive stool at 12 months
(n = 38)(n = 37)(n = 38)No Rx (n = 16)Rx (n = 22)No Rx (n = 14)Rx (n = 17)
A. lumbricoides5819638150430
T. trichiura808136436