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Table 1 Summary of the multiple comparisons tests that resulted in statistically significant differences (P < 0.05), showing treatments that reduced the time the insects spent in the host zone with respect to the controls

From: Novel repellents for the blood-sucking insects Rhodnius prolixus and Triatoma infestans, vectors of Chagas disease

Chagas disease vectorVOC testedKruskal–Wallis testComparison testDunnʼs multiple test P-valueEffective dose
R. prolixus2-mercaptoethanol< 0.0001Host alone a vs 0.003125%< 0.0001Low
Host alone a vs 0.025%< 0.0001
Host alone a vs 0.05%0.0148
0.003125% vs 0.0015625%0.0081
0.025% vs 0.0015625%0.0392
2-phenylethanol0.0007Host alone c vs 0.1%0.0036Low
Host alone c vs 0.2%0.0033
DEET0.0037Host alone c vs DEET 90% 50 µl0.0010High
T. infestans2-mercaptoethanol0.0002Host alone d vs 0.1%0.0019Low
Host alone d vs 1%0.0001
Dimethyl sulfide< 0.0001Host alone d vs 0.1%< 0.0001Low
Host alone d vs 1%0.0058
DEET0.0002Host alone d vs host plus ethanol0.0346High
Host alone d vs DEET 90% 50 µl0.0001