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Fig. 1

From: B cells induced by Schistosoma japonicum infection display diverse regulatory phenotypes and modulate CD4+ T cell response

Fig. 1

Infection with Schistosoma japonicum alters splenic and PerC B-cell composition. Splenic and PerC lymphocytes were isolated from mice at zero (uninfected mice, 0W), three (3W), eight (8W), and twelve weeks (12W) post-infection. Gating schemes for PerC B-1a cells (a) and splenic B-cell subsets (b) within the CD19+ gated B-cell population are shown. Splenic B-cell subpopulations (b) are shown: B-1a cells (CD19+CD5+), T1 B cells (CD19+CD5CD21CD23), T2-MZP cells (CD19+CD5CD21+CD23+), MZB cells (CD19+CD5CD23CD21+) and FOB cells (CD19+CD5CD23+CD21). The percentages of PerC B-1a cells (c) were measured. The percentages (d) and the absolute numbers (e) of splenic B cell subsets were measured from at least five mice of each time point after infection. All data are representative of at least two independent experiments. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001

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