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Table 4 Number of male and age-graded female Culicoides caught in each trap

From: Culicoides species composition and molecular identification of host blood meals at two zoos in the UK

ZooTrap siteTrap catchesFemalesMalesTotal (% catch)
LondonAA14523441116457423554 (61.6)
B142301891116156 (2.7)
MN1248326403116 (2.0)
MN2351352383740201829 (31.7)
MS11658222108109 (1.9)
Total 162386715652358895764
WhipsnadeBG124882069344224 (3.8)
HUL12529411029517455 (7.7)
PR119384276151101861007 (17.1)
EL1252620965134431603922 (66.7)
RO125913667275271 (4.6)
Total 11834771407450634825879
Total from both zoos280734429726857157111,643
  1. Notes: Females were classified as unpigmented, pigmented, gravid or blood-fed according to their abdomen. A further five Culicoides were damaged and could not be identified or age-graded