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Table 3 Diversity and relative abundance of mosquitoes per site and collection interval

From: An assessment of adult mosquito collection techniques for studying species abundance and diversity in Maferinyah, Guinea

SiteCollection PeriodNo. of mosquitoes (%)No. of speciesSimpsonʼs diversity index
FandieNight4031 (38.0)140.480
Day63 (0.6)90.142
Maferinyah Centre INight690 (6.5)170.346
Day42 (0.4)50.383
SenguelenNight5256 (49.5)190.274
Day528 (5)100.220
  1. Notes: Percentages (%) show the proportion of mosquitoes collected in each site (and collection interval) in relation with the total number of mosquitoes. Simpson’s diversity index indicates a high diversity when it is close to 0 and low diversity when it is close to 1