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Table 1 Description of different sampling sites

From: PCR-based molecular identification of two intermediate snail hosts of Schistosoma mansoni in Cameroon

Region Bioclimatic characteristics Town Water collection (n) Geographical coordinates
Centre Degraded forest, subequatorial climate Minkama Mounassi pond (32 Bc) 4°12ʹ14″N, 11°35ʹ0.2″E
Yana Messina pool (6 Bc) 4°12ʹ1″N, 11°35ʹ3″E
Kede River (32 Bc) 4°12ʹ6″N, 11°35ʹ6″E
Nalassi Nalassi River (50 Bc) 4°16ʹ49″N, 11°37ʹ58″E
Nkoteng Mendibi River (6 Bc) 4°31ʹ00″N, 12°08ʹ00″E
Mbandjock Mengolo River (30 Bc) 4°26ʹ37″N, 11°53ʹ40″E
Mekono River (34 Bc) 4°27ʹ04″N, 11°54ʹ46″E
Yaoundé Afeme River (30 Bp) 3°53ʹ38″N, 11°28ʹ20″E
Ngoa-Ekellé Lake (30 Bp) 3°51ʹ15″N, 11°30ʹ07″E
South Dense rain forest, Guinean subequatorial climate Sangmelima Bissono River (30 Bc) 2°56ʹ28″N, 11°58ʹ55″E
Ebolowa Ebengue River (4 Bc) 2°54ʹ42″N, 11°10ʹ33″E
East Equatorial forest, subtropical climate Bertoua Monou II swamp (30 Bc) 4°34ʹ14″N, 13°41ʹ34″E
Quartier Italie drain (30 Bc) 4°34ʹ35″N, 13°41ʹ43″E
Mokolo I swamp (30 Bc) 4°35ʹ18″N, 13°40ʹ48″E
West Shrub savannah, equatorial climate Kouoptamo Koupben River (30 Bc) 5°36ʹ33″N, 10°35ʹ17″E
Mangoum Memom River (30 Bc) 5°29ʹ57″N, 10°36ʹ30″E
Monoun Njindoun Monoun Njindoun Lake (32 Bc) 5°34ʹ53″N, 10°35ʹ23″E
Far North Savannah, tropical Sudan-Sahel climate Mokolo Lake (4 Bp) 10°44ʹ00″N, 13°46ʹ4″E
  1. Abbreviations: n, number of snails collected; Bc, Biomphalaria camerunensis; Bp, Biomphalaria pfeifferi