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Table 1 Description of different sampling sites

From: PCR-based molecular identification of two intermediate snail hosts of Schistosoma mansoni in Cameroon

RegionBioclimatic characteristicsTownWater collection (n)Geographical coordinates
CentreDegraded forest, subequatorial climateMinkamaMounassi pond (32 Bc)4°12ʹ14″N, 11°35ʹ0.2″E
Yana Messina pool (6 Bc)4°12ʹ1″N, 11°35ʹ3″E
Kede River (32 Bc)4°12ʹ6″N, 11°35ʹ6″E
NalassiNalassi River (50 Bc)4°16ʹ49″N, 11°37ʹ58″E
NkotengMendibi River (6 Bc)4°31ʹ00″N, 12°08ʹ00″E
MbandjockMengolo River (30 Bc)4°26ʹ37″N, 11°53ʹ40″E
Mekono River (34 Bc)4°27ʹ04″N, 11°54ʹ46″E
YaoundéAfeme River (30 Bp)3°53ʹ38″N, 11°28ʹ20″E
Ngoa-Ekellé Lake (30 Bp)3°51ʹ15″N, 11°30ʹ07″E
SouthDense rain forest, Guinean subequatorial climateSangmelimaBissono River (30 Bc)2°56ʹ28″N, 11°58ʹ55″E
EbolowaEbengue River (4 Bc)2°54ʹ42″N, 11°10ʹ33″E
EastEquatorial forest, subtropical climateBertouaMonou II swamp (30 Bc)4°34ʹ14″N, 13°41ʹ34″E
Quartier Italie drain (30 Bc)4°34ʹ35″N, 13°41ʹ43″E
Mokolo I swamp (30 Bc)4°35ʹ18″N, 13°40ʹ48″E
WestShrub savannah, equatorial climateKouoptamoKoupben River (30 Bc)5°36ʹ33″N, 10°35ʹ17″E
MangoumMemom River (30 Bc)5°29ʹ57″N, 10°36ʹ30″E
Monoun NjindounMonoun Njindoun Lake (32 Bc)5°34ʹ53″N, 10°35ʹ23″E
Far NorthSavannah, tropical Sudan-Sahel climateMokoloLake (4 Bp)10°44ʹ00″N, 13°46ʹ4″E
  1. Abbreviations: n, number of snails collected; Bc, Biomphalaria camerunensis; Bp, Biomphalaria pfeifferi