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Table 2 Estimates of evolutionary divergence using Ugandan R. microplus 12S rRNA, 16S rRNA and ITS2 nucleotide sequences compared to R. microplus on GenBank

From: Invasive cattle ticks in East Africa: morphological and molecular confirmation of the presence of Rhipicephalus microplus in south-eastern Uganda

R. microplus sequencesaGenBank sequence IDp-distance
 KY688455DQ003008.1 (Taiwan)0.006
EU921766.1 (Mozambique)0.006
 KY688459DQ003008.1 (Taiwan)0.000
EU921766.1 (Mozambique)0.000
 KY688461KY020993 (Brazil)0.710
EU918182.1 (South Africa)0.663
EU918187.1 (Mozambique)0.071
 KY688467U97715.1 South Africa)0.400
MF373428.1 (Nigeria)0.003
MF373429.1 (Nigeria)0.002
EU520392.1 (USA)0.038
  1. aPresent study