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Table 1 Geographical location, nuclear ribosomal ITS and mitochondrial DNA gene haplotype code identification for Galba truncatula populations studied from the northern Bolivian Altiplano human fascioliasis hyperendemic area

From: Genetic uniformity, geographical spread and anthropogenic habitat modifications of lymnaeid vectors found in a One Health initiative in the highest human fascioliasis hyperendemic of the Bolivian Altiplano

CodeLocalityCorridor/zoneProvinceLatitude (S)Longitude (W)Altitude (m)ITS2ITS1cox116S
Acc. No.Acc. No.Acc. No.Acc. No.
(n = 4)
Zone of AchacachiOmasuyos16°03’51”68°40’40”3850AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 2)
Lake shore of Huatajata-TaucaOmasuyos16°10’33”68°48’13”3845AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Lake shore of HuarinaLos Andes16°14’28”68°34’28”3835AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
4Batallas canal
(n = 6)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°18’08”68°32’12”3850AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
5Rio Karawisa
(n = 6)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°17’46”68°31’01”3872AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 2)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°20’07”68°33’52”3844AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
7Rio Sehuenca
(n = 2)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°23’04”68°29’20”3861AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°25’51”68°23’20”3884AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniLos Andes16°23’16”68°35’55”3832AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniIngavi16°26’13”68°52’49”3847AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
11Huacullani north
(n = 6)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniLos Andes16°26’27”68°44’19”3834AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniLos Andes16°26’27”68°41’54”3835AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
13Tambillo stream
(n = 4)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniLos Andes16°34’29”68°30’30”3874AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
14Kallutaca grassland
(n = 4)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°31’29”68°18’22”3906AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 2)
Corr. of Tiwanaku-GuaquiIngavi16°31’15”68°45’51”3838AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Zone of ViachaIngavi16°37’58”68°16’’47”3872AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 2)
Valley of La PazMurillo16°34’43”68°11’46”3769AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 2)
Zone of SaythuMurillo16°40’21”68°08’77”3951AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
aKallutaca canal
(n = 3)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°31’30”68°18’19”3906AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
bTambillo inside
village (n = 3)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniLos Andes16°34’16”68°30’29”3865AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
cTambillo out of
village (n = 3)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniLos Andes16°34’12”68°30’27”3861AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 3)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniLos Andes16°26’37”68°39’55”3840AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
eRio Achicala
(n = 3)
Zone of ViachaIngavi16°41’46”68°16”22”3866AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
fChirapaca 1
(n = 3)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°17’56”68°30”23”3887AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
gChirapaca 2
(n = 3)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°17’59”68°29”55”3893AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
hBatallas slaughter.
(n = 3)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°17’45”68°32’23”3850AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
iChijipata Alto
(n = 3)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°18’37”68°32’42”3844AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
jHuacullani west
(n = 3)
Corr. of Tambillo-HuacullaniLos Andes16°26’29”68°44’36”3837AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 3)
Corr. of Pucarani-BatallasLos Andes16°25’28”68°27’23”3853AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 6)
Corr. of Peñas-KeraniLos Andes16°13’52”68°30’10”3986AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
BSan Calixto
(n = 4)
Corr. of Peñas-KeraniLos Andes16°16’07”68°28’21”3970AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Corr. of Peñas-KeraniLos Andes16°15’25”68°27’31”4001AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
DRosa Pata
(n = 4)
Intercorridor hill chainaLos Andes16°28’41”68°45’18”3965AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Zone of PatacamayaAroma17°05’15”68°02’38”3899AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
FAyo Ayo
(n = 8)
Zone of PatacamayaAroma17°05’43”68°01’13”3890AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
(n = 4)
Zone of PatacamayaAroma17°10’39”67°56’34”3840AJ272051AJ272052MN010644HE610431
  1. aHill chain between corridors of Huacullani and Tiwanaku
  2. Notes: See map in Fig. 2 for numbers or letters of lymnaeid vector population localities: numbers/letters correspond to populations inside/outside the past established borders of the endemic area [34]. No./letter in map, 1–18 indicates populations studied for geographical distribution assessment; a–k indicates populations used for population dynamics studies; A-G indicates new populations found outside the hitherto known boundaries of the endemic area. AJ272051, haplotype ITS2 H3; AJ272052, haplotype ITS1 HC; MN010644 and MN010645, new haplotypes cox1e and cox1f, respectively; HE610431, haplotype 16S-A; mtDNA haplotypes are preliminary due to incomplete gene sequences
  3. Abbreviations: Acc. No., GenBank accession number; n, number of specimens sequenced; code, number or letter in the maps