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Table 5 Results of linkage disequilibrium analysis of allelic profile data

From: Multilocus sequence typing of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in crab-eating macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in Hainan, China

PopulationanHISAPMCVDLVD > L
All330.6042 ± 0.10240.0781< 0.0011.02530.9422Y
SP 150.5600 ± 0.16000.04320.4870.84441.1362N
SP 290.4667 ± 0.1325− 0.07410.9080.62861.3191N
SP 3150.4549 ± 0.14000.01260.6040.89041.0392N
SP 440.3200 ± 0.1497− 0.05901.0000.48891.0765N
Type IV180.5020 ± 0.15420.03940.3190.89620.9065N
Macaque370.4476 ± 0.14250.04840.3650.99051.2423N
Peru880.4786 ± 0.14970.08200.0441.06221.1025N
  1. aConsidering each group of isolates with the same multilocus genotype (MLG) as one individual
  2. Abbreviations: n, number of isolates; H, mean genetic diversity; ISA, standardized index of association calculated using the program LIAN 3.7; PMC, significance for obtaining this value in 1000 simulations using the Monte Carlo method; VD, variance of pairwise differences; L, 95% critical value for VD; VD > L indicates linkage disequilibrium; Y, yes; N, no