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Table 1 Chemosensory genes differentially expressed in the male antennae of Anopheles coluzzii vs. An. quadriannulatus

From: Species and sex-specific chemosensory gene expression in Anopheles coluzzii and An. quadriannulatus antennae

Gene IDGeneAn. coluzziiAn. quadriannulatusFClog2FCFDR
AGAP007797Or237.828.9− 3.83− 1.940.0007
AGAP013085IR75g73.95.214.913.90< 0.0001
AGAP006717Gr260.46.3− 14.90− 3.90< 0.0001
  1. Notes: Fold change and Log2 fold change are indicated as a positive value if expression is enhanced in An. coluzzii and vice versa. Only Ors, IRs and Grs expressed > 5 TPM, and Obps expressed >50 TPM are included