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Table 3 Results from canine lifestyle survey answers (in %) and deworming frequency per region in the UK

From: Survey of UK pet owners quantifying internal parasite infection risk and deworming recommendation implications

 East Midlands (n = 51)Eastern (n = 25)London (n =  = 21)North-East (n = 37)North- Westa (n = 57)N. Ireland (n = 3)Scotland (n = 43)South-East (n = 76)South-West (n = 52)Wales (n = 41)West Midlands (n = 51)Yorkshireb (n = 43)UK average (n = 500)
Adult dogs10010095.297.398.266.710098.798.197.698.010098.4
Goes outside beyond garden84.310090.594.691.266.786.090.878.885.496.198.089.4
Catches prey13.712.014.313.510.533.39.317.19.67.313.714.012.6
Eats raw meat13.720.
Interacts with children/elderly82.480.076.278.486.066.779.182.978.878.078.481.480.6
Exercising off lead62.756.066.762.663.233.362.873.763.565.972.560.565.2
Eats slugs/snails/grass37.336.033.329.733.366.732.634.234.629.323.537.233.0
Contact to other animals80.488.
Average deworming per year3.
  1. a Including Merseyside
  2. b Including The Humber