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Table 6 Results from feline lifestyle survey answers (in %) and deworming frequency per region in the UK

From: Survey of UK pet owners quantifying internal parasite infection risk and deworming recommendation implications

 East Midlands (n = 47)Eastern (n = 58)London (n = 26)North East(n = 13)North Westa (n = 64)Scotland (n = 36)South East (n = 90)South West (n = 53)Wales (n = 29)West Midlands (n = 43)Yorkshireb (n = 41)UK average (n = 500)
Adult cats97.998.396.210010010097.896.210097.797.698.2
Catches prey59.641.450.053.853.155.648.956.648.346.531.749.4
Eats raw meat03.43.801.65.68.9007.07.34.0
Interacts with children/elderly55.350.038.553.854.747.252.256.655.248.854.251.8
Average deworming per year3.
  1. a Including Merseyside
  2. b Including The Humber