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Table 3 Statistics performed on the same sample sizes for heads and wings: females (18 Panstrongylus chinai vs 15 P.howardi); males (25 P. chinai vs 21 P. howardi)

From: Chagas vectors Panstrongylus chinai (Del Ponte, 1929) and Panstrongylus howardi (Neiva, 1911): chromatic forms or true species?

Metric divergence between taxaHeadsWings
Comparisons of size
 MeanP < 0.0001*P < 0.0001*ns0.006*
Comparisons of shape
 MahalanobisP < 0.0001*P < 0.0001*P = 0.002*P < 0.0001*
 Percent contribution of size5258218
 Validated reclassification P. chinai77%80%66%92%
 Validated reclassification P. howardi73%76%93%85%
 Metric disparity P. chinai16.812.28.67.9
 Metric disparity P. howardi10.
 Metric disparity, comparisonsns(*)nsns
  1. *P < 0.05
  2. Notes: “Contribution of size to shape divergence” is the coefficient of determination after regressing the discriminant factor on size variation; “Validated reclassification”, scores of correctly assigned specimens based on shape variation
  3. Abbreviations: P, risk of error estimated according to non-parametric technique based on permutation tests (1000 runs); ns, not significant; Mahalanobis, shape differences between taxa according to the Mahalanobis distances