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Table 2 Bartonella DNA detection in by-catch rodents relating to sex, age, season, urbanisation rate (habitat) and location

From: Rats as potential reservoirs for neglected zoonotic Bartonella species in Flanders, Belgium

SpeciesnSexAge classSeasonHabitatProvinceBartonella spp.
Water vole (Arvicola amphibius)2Male (n = 1); female (n = 1)Juvenile (n = 2)naRural (n = 2)Flemish Brabant (n = 2)B. doshiae (n = 1); uncultured Bartonella sp. (Clone PD 125) (n = 1)
Muskrat (O. zibethicus)1MaleAdultSummerRuralEast FlandersB. grahamii
Colour rat (R. norvegicus f. domestica)1FemaleAdultWinterTownLimburgB. tribocorum
  1. Abbreviations: n, total number; na, not available due to missing information in the database