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Table 2 Flea counts, ranges of counts and arithmetic mean (AM) efficacy at each time point for primary cats treated with selamectin (6–12 mg/kg) plus sarolaner (1–2 mg/kg) in two clinical field studies in Australia

From: Safety and efficacy of a new spot-on formulation of selamectin plus sarolaner in the treatment and control of naturally occurring flea infestations in cats presented as veterinary patients in Australia

Day of studyStudy AStudy B
Day 0
 No. of animals3134
 Arithmetic mean count21.010.0
 Range of counts6–1076–22
Day 30
 No. of animals2929
 Arithmetic mean count0.40.0
 Range of counts0–40–1
 AM efficacy (%)a98.099.7
Day 60
 No. of animals2728
 Arithmetic mean count0.00.0
 Range of counts0–00–0
 AM efficacy (%)a100100
Day 90
 No. of animals2126
 Arithmetic mean count0.00-0
 Range of counts0–00–0
 AM efficacy (%)a100100
  1. aEfficacy calculated based on comparison to arithmetic mean on Day 0