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Table 2 Cox1, SSU HVR-I and HVR-IV haplotypes of S. stercoralis from northern and western Thailand

From: Genomic studies on Strongyloides stercoralis in northern and western Thailand

Sample IDSourceLocation
cox1 haplotypecSSU HVR-I + HVR-IV haplotyped
I + AII + A
S9ResidentsaDoi Lo/Chiang MaiH6 (1), H8 (15)15
S10Doi Lo/Chiang MaiH9 (16)15
S12Mae Tha/LamphunH9 (12), H11 (2), H12 (1)26
S13Mae Tha/LamphunH3 (10), H10 (5)11
S14Hospital patientsbSan Pa Tong/Chiang MaiH1 (21)9
S16Mae On/Chiang MaiH10 (13)6
S17San Pa Tong/Chiang MaiH1 (15)9
S19Mueang/Chiang MaiH9 (16)43
S20Pai/Mae Hong SonH7 (16)8
S21Chiang Dao/Chiang MaiH2 (16)9
S22Mae Sot/TakH5 (13)1
S23Mae On/Chiang MaiH10 (14)13
S24Mueang Pan/LampangH4 (3), H12 (12)9
S25naH10 (15), H12 (1)8
S27Mae Tha/LamphunH10 (1), H12 (12)7
S28Doi Lo/Chiang MaiH12 (15)7
  1. aClinically healthy people sampled at home
  2. bHospital patients parasitologically surveyed as part of the routine procedures of the hospital. These patients were not admitted to the hospital because of strongyloidiasis, but for other reasons
  3. cHX indicates the haplotype number, the number in parenthesis indicates in how many individuals the particular haplotype was found. For the sequences of the haplotypes see GenBank accession numbers MN871994-MN872230
  4. dFor the nomenclature see [16, 22]. Note that the numbers of worms for which the cox1 and the SSU sequences were successfully determined are not identical