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Table 1 Toxicity of lufenuron to laboratory-reared late third-instar and early fourth-instar Aedes aegypti exposed continuously in the laboratory

From: Lufenuron can be transferred by gravid Aedes aegypti females to breeding sites and can affect their fertility, fecundity and blood intake capacity

Species n EI50 (ppb) 95% CI EI90 (ppb) 95% CI Slope SE
Ae. aegypti 600 0.164 0.039–0.486 0.810 0.32–33.3 1.85 0.17
  1. Note: EI50 and EI90 and 95% CI for lufenuron are expressed in µg/l (ppb)
  2. Abbreviations: EI50, 50% adult emergence inhibition; EI90, 90% adult emergence inhibition; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; SE, standard error