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Table 3 Schistosoma haematobium group infections observed in Bulinus spp. from Niger villages

From: Interactions between Schistosoma haematobium group species and their Bulinus spp. intermediate hosts along the Niger River Valley

Bulinus spp. Snail-Schistosoma spp. infection profile No. of snails Suspected definitive host
B. truncatus S. bovis 57 Bovidae
S. haematobium 6 Human
Hybrid 1 (S.h-b) 9 Human
Co-infection: S. haematobium +Hybrid 1 (S.h-b) 1 Human
Co-infection: S. haematobium +Hybrid 2 (S.h-b-c) 1 Human
Co-infection: Hybrid 1 (S.h-b)+Hybrid 2 (S.h-b-c) 4 Human
B. forskalii S. bovis 5 Bovidae
B. globosus S. bovis 4 Bovidae