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Table 2 List of electroeluted fractions of LAg and corresponding proteins

From: Investigation of the antigenicity and protective efficacy of Leishmania promastigote membrane antigens in search of potential diagnostic and vaccine candidates against visceral leishmaniasis

Electroeluted proteins (kDa)Protein nameReferences
31ATP synthase α chain[29]
34Leishmania analogue of the receptors of activated C kinase (LACK)Present study
36Elongation factor 1-α[31]
45β tubulinPresent study
51β tubulin[29]
72Heat shock 70-related protein 1 mitochondrial precursor (HSP 70)[29]
91β tubulin[29]
97Not yet indentified from LAg/ may be nucleoporins-93 (NUP-93)[35]