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Table 3 Microsatellite typing of Besnoitia bennetti obtained from skin lesion of donkeys according to the number of repeat motifs in six microsatellite loci

From: First record of besnoitiosis caused by Besnoitia bennetti in donkeys from the UK

Besnoitia speciesCountry/RegionMicrosatellite locusReference
B. besnoitiGermany, Bavaria1012810813[10]
B. tarandiCanada, Quebec11129111123[10]
B. bennettiUSA, Texas12138886[7]
 USA, Michigan12138886[2, 4]
 UK, England12139886Present study
  1. Note: The sample analyzed in the present study was compared to skin samples obtained from donkeys from the USA and controls (B. besnoiti, B. tarandi)