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Table 2 Diversity and frequency of parasite species/genotypes identified in the black Iberian pig and wild boar population investigated in the present study

From: Protist enteroparasites in wild boar (Sus scrofa ferus) and black Iberian pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) in southern Spain: a protective effect on hepatitis E acquisition?

Host species Parasite species Genotype n
Black Iberian pig Giardia duodenalis A 1
E 2
Cryptosporidium scrofarum 18
Blastocystis sp. ST1 7
ST3 20
ST5 109
Wild boar Cryptosporidium scrofarum 8
Cryptosporidium suis 1
Blastocystis sp. ST5 1
  1. Abbreviation: n, number of isolates