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Table 1 Characteristics of representative monitoring and control tools and their potential for scaled-up programmes targeting outdoor biting and resting anopheline mosquito populations in Africa (see text for details)

From: The need for new vector control approaches targeting outdoor biting anopheline malaria vector communities

Tool Outdoor/indoor surveillance Compared to HLC Estimated cost/unitb Scalable for outdoor control Status of development
BGS and BGM traps Outdoor [54, 55] Yes [55, 186] $100–200 Yes Commercialised
Mosquito Magnet Outdoor [59] Yes [60] $300–1000 No Commercialised
Clay potsa Outdoor [67] No $1–$50 Yes Under development
Resting boxesa Indoor and outdoor [35, 66] Yes [64, 187] $1–$50 Yes Under development
Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits Indoor and outdoor [71, 188] No $1–50 Yes Three RCT protocols reviewed by VCAG
Larvicides na na $1–50 Yes Commercialised
Genetically modified mosquitoes na na Not available Potentially Cage studies results communicated to VCAG
Genetically modified symbionts na na Not available Potentially Under development
Endectocides na na $1–50 Yes RCT protocol in review
  1. aAnd variations and improvements thereof (see text for details)
  2. bUS dollars
  3. Abbreviations: na, not applicable; RCT, randomized control trial; VCAG, Vector Control Advisory Group