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Table 1 Genes used for the validation of assembly completeness. The tissue specificity and supporting references of the listed genes in I. ricinus are also provided

From: Catalogue of stage-specific transcripts in Ixodes ricinus and their potential functions during the tick life-cycle

Gene Accession no. of nucleotide/protein query sequence Tissue Reference
IrCD 1 EF428204.1/ABO26561.1 Midgut [54]
IrCD 2 HQ615697.1/ADU03674.1 Midgut [54]
IrCD 3 HQ615698.1/ADU03675.1 Midgut [54]
Iris AJ269658.2/CAB55818.2 Salivary glands [55]
Ixoderin A AY341424.1/AAQ93650.1 Haemocytes, salivary glands, midgut [56]
Ixoderin B AY643518.3/AAV41827.2 Salivary glands [56]