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Table 2 Number of blackfly individuals of different species captured around the nests of three closely related sympatric raptor host species

From: Blood parasites in vectors reveal a united blackfly community in the upper canopy

Host species nestBlackfly species
S. (N.) vernum*aS. (N.) lundstromiS. (E.) angustipesS. (E.) rubzovianum
B. buteo (Common buzzard)6810348
M. milvus (Red kite)7 110
A. gentilis (Northern goshawk)11   
  1. aS. vernum, S. naturale and S. cryophilum are indistinguishable based on the sequenced cox1 fragment and are treated together as S. (N) vernum*
  2. Note: Additionally, single individuals of S. aureum, S. costatum, S. intermedium, and S. posticatum were caught around nests of common buzzards. One individual of S. petricolum was caught around a nest of red kites