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Table 1 Species of infected gastropods the deposited cox1 and 16S GenBank accession numbers, area of collection, species of parasites, larval stage and number of larvae in each gastropod, and area of gastropods’ collection

From: Intermediate gastropod hosts of major feline cardiopulmonary nematodes in an area of wildcat and domestic cat sympatry in Greece

Gastropod species (GenBank ID: cox1/16S) Locality Coordinates Altitude (masl) Parasite species Life stage
 Helix lucorum
Kozani 40.28'N, 21.78'E 710 Aelurostrongylus abstrusus L3 (n = 4)
 Massylaea vermiculata
Vyronia 41.26'N, 23.25'E 9 Aelurostrongylus abstrusus L3 (n = 10)
 Helix lucorum
Lake Koronia 40.70'N, 23.18'E 100 Angiostrongylus chabaudi L3 (n = 5)
 Massylaea vermiculata
Lake Koronia 40.70'N, 23.18'E 100 Angiostrongylus chabaudi L3 (n = 58)
 Tandonia cf. sowerbyi
Lake Kerkini 41.23'N, 23.09'E 35 Troglostrongylus brevior L2 (n = 1); L3 (n = 10)
 Limax cf. conemenosi
Lake Volvi 40.65'N, 23.49'E 55 Angiostrongylus chabaudi L1 (n = 5); L3 (n = 4)
 Limax cf. conemenosi
Lake Volvi 40.65’N, 23.49'E 55 Angiostrongylus chabaudi L3 (n = 2)
  1. Abbreviations: masl, meters above sea level; L1, first-stage larvae; L2, second-stage larvae; L3, third-stage larvae