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Table 1 Paternity identification for miracidia

From: The genetic variation of different developmental stages of Schistosoma japonicum: do the distribution in snails and pairing preference benefit the transmission?

Group Offspring ID Mother ID Father ID
Method I M2-S-8 M2-f1 M2-m5
M3-L-7 M3-f1 M3-m1
M7-L-5 M7-f2 M7-Single-m1a
M10-S-6 M10-f4 M10-m1
M19-L-6 M19-f3 M19-m2
M20-S-6 M20-f2 M20-m3
M24-S-7 M24-f5 M24-m5
M27-L-5 M27-f5 M27-m3
M28-L-6 M28-f3 M28-m2
M28-L-7 M28-f2 M28-m2
M30-S-5 M30-f4 M30-m1
M30-S-8 M30-f4 M30-m1
Method II M1-S-6 M1-f5 M1-m5
M1-S-7 M1-f1 M1-m1
M2-S-7 M2-f3 M2-m3
M2-S-8 M2-f3 M2-m3
M3-S-7 M3-f1 M3-m1
M3-L-5 M3-f8 M3-m8
M7-L-8 M7-f3 M7-m2
M8-L-7 M8-f1 M8-m1
M9-L-7 M9-f1 M9-m3
M9-L-8 M9-f1 M9-m1
M11-L-5 M11-f7 M11-m7
M13-L-5 M13-f3 M13-m3
M16-S-6 M16-f8 M16-Single-m1
M16-L-6 M16-f4 M16-m2
M16-S-8 M16-f2/5 M16-m3
M17-S-8 M17-f5 M17-m5
M18-S-5 M18-f1 M18-m1
M19-S-8 M19-f5 M19-m5
M19-S-8 M19-f6a M19-m6
M20-L-5 M20-f5 M20-M5
M21-S-6 M21-f7 M21-m6a
M21-L-5 M21-f5 M21-m3
M21-L-6 M21-f2 M21-m2
M21-L-8 M21-f7a M21-m6
M22-S-8 M22-f5 M22-m5
  1. aIndicates there are multiple potential candidates with same LOD
  2. Notes: Offspring ID is the identity of miracidium, which is composed of host number, origin organ of sampling, and miracidium number. M, S, and L represent mouse, stool, and liver, respectively. For example, M2-S-8, represents the 8th miracidium that was hatched out from a stool (S) of the 2nd mouse (M2). Mother or father ID assigned is the identity of the adult worm that assigned to be the mother or father of the corresponding miracidium (offspring), includes host number, the sex of the worm, and worm number, f and m represent the female and male, respectively. Single means the worm was not in a pair when collected. M2-f1 means the female one of the 1st worm pair in the 2nd mouse. The parents of miracidia which were not paired with each other at the time of collection are in bold