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Table 2 Comparison of genetic markers with evaluation criteria and their suitability for molecular systematics of nematodes

From: Evaluation and utility of mitochondrial ribosomal genes for molecular systematics of parasitic nematodes

Criteria Nuclear gene/region Mitochondrial gene
ITS1 ITS2 18S 28S cox1 12S 16S
Nucleotide saturationa Yes Yes No No No No No
Clade arrangement (monophyly)b na na 4/4 2/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
Presence of indels High Low
Availability of full-length sequences Partial sequences Full-length sequences
  1. aNumber of differences between two sequences becomes a less accurate indicator of the actual number of nucleotide substitutions. “Yes” indicates that most of the sites have already been changed before (Iss > Iss.c), indicating nucleotide saturation
  2. bNumber of clades (n) that are monophyletic out of the total number of expected monophyletic clades (e.g. n/4)
  3. Abbreviations: na, not applicable